Stop Spam: Use Disposable Email Addresses

Spam is a big industry these days and with it getting bigger day by day, ways to crack them down are also spreading fast.

Pretty interesting and one of them in this series are Disposable Email Addresses. Yes, you read it right;Disposable. When you sign up for something on the Web with a disposable email address, you don’t use your real email address but an alias of it. Every alias is created specifically for a site or mailing list, and the disposable email address becomes associated with it.

By default, all aliases of your real email address forward any mail to that real address, just as if you had used your primary email address in the first place.

But as soon as spam tickles in the difference shows. Since every disposable email address is given only to one site and associated with it, the source of spam can be identified easily. Taking proactive measures against any further spam from that site (or the spammers it sold the submitted address to) is just as easy. The alias guilty of delivering unsolicited email is disabled or even deleted. It will no long accept any messages, and no spam.

In this post, I  am listing some websites which provide this feature.

  1. Mailinator: Mailinator You don’t sign-up. You don’t have to tell Mailinator you’re coming. Think of (where something is really “anything at all”) whenever you need it. Give it out. Type it into webforms. Post it on billboards. After all that – THEN come here and check that mailbox. Mailinator does not assign you an email address and you don’t even need to come here before you use it. You choose – you can use any email you want ( of course) anytime you want. Give it out first, come here and check it second. It’s that easy.
  2. GishPuppy: Gish4Puppy GishPuppy is a free service that helps you manage all your online
    registrations while still keeping your identity safe on the web.GishPuppy offers disposable email addresses that automatically forward messages to your normal (private) email. Conveniently create a different GishPuppy email everytime you register on the web, and individually cancel them whenever you want.
  3. 2Prong: 2Prong 2Prong is the only no-click disposable email system. By simply visiting this site the above address has already been saved to your clipboard. Paste(Ctrl-V) it in any form on a website that requires email verification and when the email is received it will pop up instantly in this box. 2Prong changes the domain weekly in order to prevent the address from being banned, a problem which plagues other disposable email services.

Do comment about some more if you know of.




10 Responses

  1. GMail feature –
    An email sent to the address or or would all be redirected to one address which is The gmail filter will ignore anything between “+” & “@” and you can use this feature to identify which site is publishing your id for spammers. While registering on any site say use gmail id like If you get mails to this id you know who is the culprit.
    Link to this info –

  2. Thanks Nitin for this wonderful Tip.
    Yes you are right, Gmail does have this feature of appending a + sign. But what i wonder the most is that sometime down the line, spammers will get a way to crack this as well.

  3. Thank u for ur article from now i can protect my mailfrom spam.

  4. Hmmm… good to know info …
    thats a good one vaibhav … 🙂

    And hey Nitin … your info was excellent one too … 🙂

    ~ Shantanu

  5. Thanks Shantanu for all your wonderful and inspiring comments.
    I always look forward for them

  6. I have been using for years now and works well …

    very useful

    Prateek Dayal

  7. Hi Prateek,
    Thanks a ton for that useful link. is defintely a great solution.

  8. :))
    Thanks vaibhav … even i look forward for you replies to my comments posted here … 🙂

    ~ Shantanu

  9. Also check out Free disposable email address expires in 60 Minutes. Anonymously create it, use it, abandon it, repeat as necessary.

  10. Its a good list, but you should take a peek at
    Its the newest, and probably strongest.
    Great features.

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