3 Websites that outsmart Youtube.

Youtube for sure is like a heavy gorilla of video sharing sites but there is an impressive count of websites which are infact rivals of Youtube.
Some although are merely clones, others do offer unique twists. Here in this post, I will be featuring three websites which definitely outsmart Youtube.

  1. Blip.tv: Blip.tv has an extremely superior Video/Audio quality. The website allows you to upload video via its Wesbite, mobile phone , FTP address or a desktop utility called UpperBlip.Blip.tv The design of the embedded player also is very good and makes Blip.tv stand out. Blip.tv also has a revenue sharing mechanism.Blip.tv also offers unlimited user storage.
  2. Brightcove Beta: The Video/Audio quality of Brightcove is Very good. The ease of upload is also another feature which i liked. If you are also interested in making money from your content, free BrightCove Network account is the way to go.BrightCove                                                                                                       Like Blip.tv, Brightcove also offers unlimited user storage.Brightcove has a superior embedded player design.
  3. DivX Stage 6 Beta: Stage 6                The video quality of DivX Stage 6 Beta is also very good. However, the audio quality gets a rating of good. DivX Stage 6 Beta like Brightcove has a superior embedded player design.DivX Stage 6 Beta doesnt allow revenue sharing.

Do let me know your comments on the above listings.




8 Responses

  1. Great post!
    You’re right about BrightCove ..The video quality on BrightCove is unparalleled ..

  2. I found ‘stage6’ is interesting and the video quality is far better than what actually is there in youtube.

    Surely a thing watch for …

  3. Google will probably just buy these guys like they did YouTube…if they have any money left after buying the UHF spectrum.

  4. BrightClove has a player which looks pretty good and looks very nice on blogs.

    My vote would always go for BrightClove 🙂

    -Himanshu Sheth

  5. Stage 6 has since been shutdown. 😦

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  7. […] on November 5, 2008 by Vaibhav Pandey We had earlier mentioned about BrightCove in the post on 3 websites which outsmart Youtube, today, Brightcove has decided to shut down its Free Network Service. […]

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