Tata Indicom and Samsung Duo: Its time for Dual Mode phones

After Spice Mobile released Dual Mode phones Spice D-80 and Spice D-88 sometime back, Tata’s too have forayed into the Dual Mode phone market. Tata Indicom has tied up with Samsung to provide Samsung Duo at a reasonable price of Rs 11,999 in Mumbai.

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Samsung Duo

Samsung Duo is a slider phone with a 1.3 MP camera with 10X zoom. The phone also supports  .doc, .xls and PDF file formats. It is primarily a business phone.
The phone also has an Indian calendar which has listings for all Indian Festivals and other important dates.Additionally it has an almanac also which lists auspicious/inauspicious times during a day.

The phone also has a handwriting recognition mechanism inbuilt.

Also Read: Spice Mobile to launch Dual Mode Phones in India

Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?




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  1. […] Also Read: Tata Indicom and Samsung Duo: Its time for Dual Mode phones […]

  2. Dude..
    This layout is good. More crisp and clear.
    You can think of reducing the hearder size, or having an image there.!

  3. Thanks Ram for your comment. I will be changing the header size. Am in process of getting a new logo for Technofriends. Will be updating the blog soon.

  4. I liked the theme……looking gr8…

  5. Thanks Arindam for your comments.

  6. Quick Summary of my experience with TATA Indicom broadband @ Chennai.

    TATA Indicom broadband (VSNL) guys lost track of money they took from me.
    Kept blaming about non-payment and started to de-activate my connection without prior notice.
    Remember I am a customer who had been using TATA Indicom broadband for a year now.
    Activated the connection Feb 15th 2007

    If this is how they treat their customer who had been using it for a year, forget those new comers. Will be treated next to piece of SHIT.

    They have damn good technology in place and BUNCH of IDIOTS to maintain their backoffice operations.

    Another way they cheat customers is by not giving the downtime credit for usage.
    Its like sarkari office… Working or not you still need to pay the full rent.

    Now read my communication to TATA Indicom broadband and their response.
    -agni sharman

    Here is the copy of my communication with TATA Indicom Broadband @


    -Sharman (agni)
    Sharman’s Cab Company

  7. Hi all,
    Can someone say whether this this phone is able to receive simlutaneous call from CDMA as well as GSM?
    I mean when you are talking over a CDMA call and someone trying to your GSM number,will it be notified as call waiting???

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