Windows XP: Speed up Folder Browsing.

Speed Up Folder Browsing

Thought of putting up this small tip/trick for speeding up folder browsing in Windows XP. This tip is essentially useful for a computer with limited resources.

You may have noticed that at times when you try to open my computer to browse folders there is a slight delay in processing the request. This is due to the fact that  Windows XP automatically searches for network files and printers every-time you try opening Windows Explorer. To tweak this in order to increase folder browsing speed significantly follow the below mentioned steps:

  1.  Open My Computer.
  2.  Click on Tools menu.
  3.  Click on Folder Options.
  4.  Click on the View tab.
  5.  Uncheck the Automatically search for network folders and printers check box.
  6.  Click Apply.
  7.  Click Ok.
  8.  Reboot your computer.




8 Responses

  1. That was a good tip 🙂


  2. Thanks Vivek.

  3. […] Windows XP: Speed up Folder Browsing. […]

  4. […] Windows XP: Speed up Folder Browsing. […]

  5. Thanks for the tip. This really helped me! I am usually on VPN most of the time and when I work from home explorer used to take a long time to open. I now realize that it must’ve been searching for my shares and printers across the VPN tunnel. Turning it off shows visible improvement in speed.

  6. It rocks………….thank u

  7. your site is really good and helpful.

    i have one big doubt :

    after installing the os 2nd time of any computer,significant decrement in speed is noticed.
    Can you help how to solve it?.

    (i really want to know this and overcome this problem)

    thanks in advance.

  8. Hi ds1,
    With regards to your query, can you be a little more elaborate. I believe you are trying to format the computer and trying to install the OS again.. is it so? In this case, i believe the PC should be much faster than before.

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