Why Java?

I thought of starting off with this first in the series of Tutorial posts to come on Technofriends.

Well, I keep getting this query from many interested people. Many of them either happen to be students or people trying to decide on there technology platform for a startup product. In this post i try to answer this question.

Java is a computer programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems. Java runs on many types of computers, servers, cell phones, PDAs, set tops and now Java Cards. Its best attributes are built in security and cross platform portability. Experienced Java programmers are entrenched with a religious passion that there is no other way. By programming in Java an application is designed for multiple platforms. Most of today’s platforms are designed to use the Java standard. The alternative is to design a platform and make programmers conform to it.

In short, these points should help all those trying to find the answer to this widely asked question

  • Java’s population of programmers is huge.
  • Java’s open source community thrives. Open source projects exist across a wide spectrum of problem spaces and fill many different niches. With Java, you can often get software for free that you’d have to build yourself or pay for on other languages.
  • Java is mature. Java is often the safest choice.
  • Java is scalable. We’ve learned enough from experience to build applications that scale.
  • Java offers choice.
  • Java Technology is mature and provides proven solutions for enterprise level problems such as Two-phase commit, and distributed objects.

Hope this small intro about Java helps. In my next post, i shall be writing more about the way Java works.




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