Site of the week – The Wondering Ministrels

Not all homosapiens are interested in poetry. But all intelligent people who understand wit, sarcasm, words and wisdom will fall in love with this site. Its a little complicated to remember :

Ya, I thought so 🙂 So you can use the technique I use for locating it. Just type “Jenny kissed me” in your google toolbar and the second result will be ‘bingo’. Why such weird search words? Coz its a weird lovely poem. Google really doesnt have a choice but to throw it amongst top three answers. For the real reason, you gotta mail me 🙂

It is a site run by the Rice University. The Wondering Ministrels is what it is called.

Best features of the site:

  • No frills site. Exhibits poems in the fastest uncomplicated way.
  • Poems dated back to 1800 can be found .
  • No other site provides poem-search based on Length (number of lines) option. Most of my favourites are either 2 or 6 liners.
  • Very insightful selective opinions of readers on every poem.

Index page has intelligent navigational options like:

  • Length of the poem
  • Search based on initial alphabet of the poet or poem or poem’s first line.
  • Or can type in the poet’s name in the small search box on the top right-side.
  • When you click on the authors name in any poem page, it lists down a list of other poems by the author

Thats the site of the week –  The Wondering Ministrels

Signing off ~

Aruna Sundaresan


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