Download online videos in multiple formats

Till now we have talked a lot about different sites/tools available for downloading Youtube/Google Videos. However, the problem lies in the download that happens… Most of the readers have mailed me back saying that the video’s are in .flv format and they would love to read about something wherein they don’t have to encode the video to some other format like .wmv, .3gp, .mp4 using a tool.
vconvert11.jpg has actually solved this problem, the site takes in a video URL from the user and asks him/her to select the format in the which the output file is desired. The site then automatically under the hood downloads, encodes and presents the video to the user in the desired format.

So for a download frenzy guy like me… this happens to be the best way. Who really wants to encode those .flv files 😉

Check out the site here>>

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  1. we are very happy to meet the web and we are very intresting to donload and would you please alow to use your fasility.
    with best regards
    abdu haleem

  2. The software:


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  4. […] Download online videos in multiple formats […]

  5. […] Download online videos in multiple formats […]

  6. I’m gonna use this one for sure.
    Till now I was using

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