WebServices: What are they?

I keep hearing lots of stuff related to Webservices. People, often want to know more about webservices or either confuse them with other web technologies. From now on, i plan to write more about webservices and keep the readers informed about the changes happening in the technology field. Today, i shall discuss about the need and essence of Webservices. In the future posts, i plan to even post step by step guides for creating and deploying webservies. So, keep checking this space for more details.

Getting back to the topic… What exactly are Webservices?

In simple terms, webservice is nothing but an existing application which can be accessed over the web using XML Webservices make it easier for you to create applications around your existing application. For eg, you can expose your inventory levels to your suppliers as a webservice and then the Suppliers can build there application to consume your webservice. This ways the supplier will be able to know about your inventory levels and replenish them whenever the inventory level drops a particular mark.

This is i guess enough for today. We shall talk more about creating webservices and other useful resources in the next coming posts. 🙂




5 Responses

  1. http://webservices.xml.com/pub/a/ws/2004/03/24/phpws.html?page=1

    This is a good link who ever is willing to consume webservices
    using PHP.

  2. XML over HTTP … REST is nothing but URL Parameters …

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  4. also check out amazon web services http://aws.amazon.com

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