A great addon for YouTube:YouRipper

You must be thinking that we are some Google partisan, yes, you guessed it right. We are a great fan of Google and its services. Lets focus today on Youtube. Here, we bring to you one of the great add on for YouTube. Its called YouRipper.

You might say that there are many video downloader softwares available, then YouRipper? Well, the answer is pretty straight and simple.

YouRipper offers users the ability to easily download videos from these sites and save them as an industry standard flash movie (*.flv). In addition, YouRipper can also generate the necessary HTML or Javascript to Embed these videos into a Webpage, blog or MySpace page, using a generic, fully customizable video player instead of the ones provided by YouTube.

Version 2.3 supports an Embed Video feature. Now supports an Embed Video feature: this enables the end-user to embed videos from YouTube into Web pages, blogs and MySpace using a generic, fully configurable video player, instead of the one provided by YouTube.

YouRipper also contains a handy RSS reader that shows the latest videos on YouTube.

Download YouRipper from here>>




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