I had always wanted to checkout ways for spending my weekends in a better way. Till date it was only the newspapers and some friends who used to come for rescue when it came to deciding the day, but, from now on, I can always checkout the site called features the various events taking place in a city in India. The users have an option of adding there own events.

I particularly liked the event information and also the UI. The UI is clean and covers major Indian cities.

Is there anything that i would love to have on this site to increase its usability, well, YES… and here goes the list

1.) A planner kind of feature
2.) Integration with mobile.. like i should be able to view the events using my mobile.
3.) Alert system to alert me of the events i would be interested in…

Do you also have your own list of wannabies from like mine?? If yes, do let me know and i will make sure that they listen.



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  1. Hi Vaibhav,

    This is Neeraj from .

    You are right. Features like integration with mobile phone and mobile alert are very much needed.

    Currently I am working on adding general features like ability to add friends, see who all are going to the event (and to spot if your friend is attending the event), ability to see others calendar, better search functionality , ability to track more than one city at a time in a single page without switching. These are some of the features that will be added this year (2007).

    Early next year (2008) we will work on integration with Mobile and opening up the API.

    Do let me know if you have any other suggestion. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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