SnagIt: A must have

When I first started in IT, one of the first and most useful recommendations I received was to install SnagIt

It is one of the nicest little programs I’ve used, and deserves a tip all to itself.

The Blurb
SnagIt is a powerful Windows image, text, video, and Web image capture program with many features and options. Use SnagIt to save time and enhance your screen shots.

Getting started
Using SnagIt is easy. You can use the preloaded Profiles, or select the capture mode, Input and Output from the Capture Settings pane, then click the Capture button to start the capture. To set your own capture settings, do the following:

Although I personally use SnagIt almost exclusively for capturing images, there are a few other options available that may be interesting for many users.

  1. Select the capture mode under Tools. SnagIt can capture images, text, video and the Web
  2. Select the Input. The Input defines what you want to capture. If you select Screen, SnagIt will capture the entire screen. If you select Window, then you get to click on the window that you want to capture. Check out the other Input options available to you and play with them
  3. Select the Output. Output is where you want the capture to go. You can send the capture to the printer, Clipboard, file, etc.
  4. Click the Capture button, or use the hotkeys to start the capture. By default, the SnagIt capture hotkey is Ctrl+Shift+P. Some Input options require you to then select what you want to capture. If the Input is set to Window, click on the window that you want to capture. If it is set to Region, drag out a region by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse
  5. If the SnagIt Preview Window is enabled, after you take the capture the capture is displayed in the SnagIt Capture Preview Window. Pressing the Finish button will send the capture to the output that you have selected. Pressing the Cancel button will abort the capture. To enable or disable the Capture Preview Window, select Options > Preview Window icon from the in the Capture Settings pane.

Note to video capture: See the TechSmith Website if experiencing problems with video playback.

Related link:   ( Thanks Peter for letting me know about this fabulous link 🙂 )



3 Responses

  1. Hello Vaibhav,

    Nice post!

    Snagit actually boasts of over 40 different ways to capture 😉

  2. unfortunately, snagit cannot be used to paste a screen capture into a gmail correspondence (it can be “attached” but what’s so cool about that…)

  3. I’m using a firefox extension called “Gmail this” which opens a gmail page with the link to the page I want to share. I was wondering if there’s a way to attach the snagit file automatically to gmail rather than outlook – thanks


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