Access Blocked Websites: The simple way :)

Blocking access to undesirable Web sites through the use of Internet protocol filters has been a common government tactic since commercial Internet access first became available here in 1995. China and Saudi Arabia are believed to extend greater censorship over the net than any other country in the world under the pretext of information control.

Most of the blacklisted sites in Saudi Arabia are either sexually explicit or about religion, women, health, drugs and pop culture. They even block access to websites about bathing suits. So if you want to buy something to swim in, they seem to treat that as if it were pornographic in Saudi Arabia. more>>

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13 Responses

  1. How do you access blocked websites if your network blocks proxy websites too? I can’t access any anonymizing websites. Is there another way around the block? I can’t even access the “more” link on this article. Help me please?

  2. Hi Kailey,
    In that case i would suggest you can use Google Cache.
    Alternatively, you can even use proxy servers/
    There are multiple proxy server lists available at

    Be careful when you are using public proxy servers. It is possible for the guy who is hosting the service to snoop on the data that is passing through. So I wouldn’t recommend putting any important information such credit card details when you are using public proxy server method.

  3. How can i get in

  4. i cant get around the blocks is there a way

  5. This site is blocked at my school

  6. send a virus to omeresa. if you want to access your favorite websites, then get a virus to send to omeresa. do every student a favor.

  7. I’m an american living in China on China telecom, this company often blocks lots of sites. To avoid that I tried to use proxy servers, but they were also blocked. So now I’m using the VPN service and it really helps. Smth. like American IP and encrypted traffic. Anyway it works, and without any lags.

  8. they blocked the website i used to get through ( they blocked everything dat says proxy… does anyone have ideas???dis is at school

  9. There is another interesting application which you can try. Check out

    Hope this helps.

  10. Hacking Bledi

  11. i cannot open in saudi arabia….. find me some way to open

  12. Hey, I wanna go onto photobucket but my dad’s blocked the site, and i dont dare ask him to unblock cause he isnt the nicest person in the world. i dont look at prono or anything i just awnt to have some good anime pics or whatever. and able to edit things. please help…ive tried to do short cuts but they dont work.

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