Google: Web search History.

So the Big Daddy has come out with another feature.. this time its got to do with web searches.

It goes like this..

  1. Log in to your Google account.. at
  2. Try out whatever websearches you wish to do.
  3. Now access the page at

Once in, you can even search your searches.. Isn’t it cool??

Happy Googling.

Technofriends Team


2 Responses

  1. I just wrote an article on how this is kind of a bad idea. Some people think that the government could just take a peek at your online life with greater ease, but I’d be more worried about an XSS attack or a well crafted RAT. If someone gets your gMail login and pass, you can pretty much kiss your credit score goodbye.

    Of course, all the major search engines log IP’s and their search histories, but there’s no need to help anyone along. Especially with gMail’s recent data losses.

  2. […] Google: Web search History […]

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