Presentations from the Latest BlackHat Europe Con

Topics include : Web Service Vulnerabilities, Software Virtualization Based Rootkits, NIDS: False Positive Reduction Through Anomaly Detection, Wi-Fi Advanced Fuzzing, New Botnets Trends and Threats, Hacking Databases for Owning Your Data, Kernel Wars, Next Generation Debuggers for Reverse Engineering, Making Windows Exploits More Reliable, Make My Day – Just Run a Web Scanner: Countering The Faults of Typical Web Scanners Through Byte-code Injection, RFIDIOts!!! – Practical RFID hacking (without soldering irons), SCTPscan – Finding Entry Points to SS7 Networks & Telecommunication Backbones, Challenging Malicious Inputs with Fault Tolerance Techniques, SMTP Information Gathering, Kicking Down the Cross Domain Door (One XSS at a Time), NACATTACK, Heap Feng Shui in JavaScript, GS and ASLR in Windows Vista, Attacking the Giants: Exploiting SAP Internals, 360° Anomaly Based Unsupervised Intrusion Detection.

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Technofriends Team


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