Are you using Google’s office suite?

Oops.. its Google Doc’s.Well, if you havent tried it yet, then do try Google’s office suite now. With Google’s foray into the Document arena days have come when you dont need to carry your document with you , Google’s new web based product enable you to access your document from anywhere. There couldn’t have been a better time than now to come up with a solution for managing your documents online and who else can do it better than Google? Google’s office suite allows you to share, publish your document, which can be accessed by any valid gmail account. Access Google office suite.

It has capability to save your file as HTML, RTF and Word Document and above all it provides an option to create a PDF file. It also maintains revision History of your document.Let’s move from Microsoft word to Google docs. ( Possibly Google is set to make MS run for its office revenues 😉 )

1. Save your document in any format of your choice.

Google Office First

2. Insert Image, Link comments on your document

Google doc 2nd screenshot

3. View your document’s update log.

Google Doc 3rd screen

4. Share your document with any gmail user.

Google Doc Publish

5. Publish your document to internet.

Google doc Internet Share

So now go on and keep documenting all your stuff.. ONLINE. 🙂




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