Yoono and Firefox.. the way to go

Another day, another tech blog from us. At Technofriends, we are always on the lookout for interesting yet simple content for people going through our blog. We featured a cool feature of gmail, today we shall talk about yet another cool software for the net.. FIREFOX.

We have always been a great fan of Firefox for a lot of reasons, but, the best of all is its Add On feature. Today, we shall talk about YOONO. Yoono is one of the coolest Firefox add on’s we have came through.

We all know that the web is huge and if you really like something, have some great interest, your first point of contact for getting such info shall be Google or some other search engine. However, some of the more obscure sites and blogs may not be categorised, listed or promoted by commercial search engines. You could browse for ages without finding them.

Like a restaurant, some websites are purely found through recommendations.So, in order to get hold of such website/pages of interest, either you can join a forum and enter your queries there in the hope of getting them answered or the other option is to install Yoono. Yoono, in short is a community based web recommendation system. It recommends sites, pages, blogs etc etc based on the sort of web page you are visiting. Yoono places a bar on the left of your Firefox browser interface with a list of recommended web sites. You can choose to ignore them or visit them within another tab.These recommendations are based around the suggestions made by other users, depending on how they rank the pages that have been recommended.

Not only this, Yoono also allows you to view the bookmarks of the Yoosers ( Yoono users) who have the site/page you are visiting in there bookmarks folder ( and shared with Yoono).

We promptly give Yoono a rating of 4/5. To download and install Yoono, Click here.

Happy surfing.

Technofriends Team


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